Using merge tags in your campaigns is really simple. In general, there are two ways how to add a merge tag

  • you can insert it using the Clever AIM Editor feature,
  • you can copy-paste it.

Using Clever AIM Editor feature

If you are using Clever AIM Editor to create your campaign, you can add merge tags into the Text field. Go to the editing panel of The text field.

Click into the editing panel where you would like to place the merge tag and then click on the Merge tag button.

A merge-tag wizard appears. It offeres you the most common merge tags which you can easily add into your campaign in the correct format.

You can find all the supported merge tags here.

Example: to insert first name merge tag, click on subscriber -> contact -> firstName and the inserted merge tag will beĀ 

{{ }}



in the editing panel.

Using the merge tag wizard is very simple, but it is accessible only in the text fields of the Editor. To use merge tags in other fields, you have to copy-paste them there.

Copy-pasting merge tags

Beside the body of an email, you can use merge tags in the preview text, as a copy on a button or in the subject.

To do this, just copy the merge tag from the Editor or from the List of supported merge tags and paste it in the field you want to use it in.

Preview and testing

Currently it is not possible to preview how the merge tags will be substituted with the correct text.

We strongly recommend to first send the campaign to your testing email addresses so you can see how the final version of the campaign looks like. Make sure the testing subscriber has the same data structure as the real audience (same field with similar content).

Default value and empty fields

You can set up default value for your new custom field, when you are creating it. This means all of your subscribers will have this custom field set to the default value unless you update it. Setting the default value for your custom fields is not mandatory, but might be very useful. It ensures there is no subscriber with empty custom field.

However, if you would like to have the custom field empty, it is possible to delete the default value from a subscriber's profile (manualy or in a batch) or not to set the default value at all.

Other way how you can set up the default value of a dynamic field is using the Default merge tag filter as well.

What will happen if your merge tag is calling a field that has no value? Nothing.
The merge tag will be substituted by nothing.

Be careful

Be careful with the correct wording and formating. Incorrect spelling or formating will thwart the sending. If there is an issue with your campaign where you have used merge tags, please check these first.

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