This article explains how to bulk change subscriber's info, add multiple subscribers to a List or fill in new Custom fields.

If you would like to add new information to the customers using Custom fields, make sure you have first created the new Custom field before you proceed with the import.

Editing subscribers one by one

In the subscribers profile, you can edit all of their info, but only the info of one subscriber at a time. To edit multiple subscribers at once, you have to use the update by import.

Updating by import

If you import multiple subscribers, you choose, whether to update or overwrite these contacts in case they are already present in your audience. 

You can use the updating feature to add a new information to multiple subscribers. To do this, follow these steps:

Prepare a list of subscribers

Prepare a list of subscribers you would like to update. The list does not have to contain all information from each subscriber. Sufficient is to have

  • email addresses to identify the subscribers
  • the new information, that should be added/edited.

For example you would like to add a number of orders to your subscribers. In this case it is enough to have a two columns in the imported file:

  1. column with email addresses of your subscribers
  2. column with the number of orders.

No other information is needed.

If you would like just to add subscribers to a new List, it is enough to import file with just one column

  • the email addresses.

Import the List

Import the subscribers the same way you would import new ones. Don't forget to:

  • add them to a list if you want to (1)
  • tick Update actual contact (2).

Be sure you have chosen the Update of the contact. The Overwrite option might result in data loss.

Continue to the mapping screen. Here you have to map the email addresses and the column(s) with the new information. All other columns can be labeled Skip to speed up the import.

Then finish the import. You have just updated your customers by import! :-)

Import history

You can check the details of the import in the Import history tab. You will see that the subscriber has been recognized and was just updated and not imported again. 

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