Static Lists and dynamic Segments helps you to target the right audience with tailored content. By segmentation your database, you can increase your Open rate and also Click-through rate. 

Static Lists

With Lists you are in full control which subscribers will the campaign be send to as you have to assign the subscribers to the List - this is why we call them "static".

There is

  • no limit of how many Lists you can have in your profile,
  • no limit to how many Lists you can send one Campaign,
  • no limit of the number of Lists one subscriber can be present in.

There is a limit for automated workflows though:

  • automated workflow can be used for one list only, so if your audience consist from several lists, create one summarizing list first.

The reason for this is that for automated workflow combining several Lists and removal of duplicates is not done once, but is being done every time the automated workflow is checking its conditions - every time the automation is applied. This would result in considerable growth of computing power.

Find out how to create a new static List and how to assign subscribers to a List.

Dynamic Segments

While static Lists are lists of subscribers, dynamic Segments are conditions based on which the audience of your Campaigns is chosen. You can segment your audience based on:

  • First name
  • Last name,
  • Email address
  • Date of subscriber's creation
  • Birthday,
  • Subscriber's rating
  • List
  • (Not) sent campaigns
  • (Not) opened campaigns
  • Clicked on any link/clicked on specific link in a campaign
  • Opened campaign and did not click on any link/on a specific link
  • New field

So for example you can address your subscribers from several of your lists which did not open any campaign withing a month and are subscribed for longer than 6 months. With the Segment saved, you can then sent a Campaign to all subscribers that meet its conditions.

The conditions will be applied at the moment of sending, which means the subscribers will be selected based on your conditions when you send the campaign. It is not possible to preview which subscribers will be included.

Find out how to create a new dynamic Segment.

Using Lists and Segments

With the exception of automated workflow, you can send your Campaign to unlimited number of Lists (1) and unlimited number of Segments (2).

If you select more Lists or Segments or you select both a List and a Segment, Clever AIM will:

  • remove all duplicates (every subscriber will receive only one email, even if they are present in more selected Lists or Segments),
  • and send the Campaign to all selected Lists and Segments (to their union).
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