Sometimes it is not possible to deliver Campaign to particular email address because of technical complications on the recipients side or on the way to him. Sometimes, not even Clever AIM can overcome these 3rd party obstacles and the email "bounces" back.

There are issues that are considered temporary and system will try again to deliver the Campaign. On the other hand,  for example if the domain name does not exist system won't make any attempts to deliver and the issues is considered permanent.

Temporary obstacles bounces back softly, permanent issues are hard bounces. Here are some of the most common causes

Soft bounces

Campaign was not delivered to the subscriber, bud their status stays Active.
Most common reasons for Soft bounce are:

  • email inbox is full,
  • message size exceeded,
  • domain or mailbox is temporarily unavailable,
  • local error in processing,
  • temporary banned or poor reputation.

Hard bounces

Campaign was not delivered to the subscriber and their status was changed to Bounced.
Most common reasons for Hard bounce are:

  • recipient mailbox does not exist on this domain or is unavailable,
  • domain does not exist or does not accept emails,
  • connection refused or timed out,
  • access has been denied.

There is one more category called General bounces.  As a General bounce is considered any bounce, where we cannot specify the bounce reason or it can't be determined if the obstacle is permanent or temporary. Because of this General bounces ARE managed the same ways as Soft bounces

Status change

Hard bouncing causes Status change of the subscriber: from Active to Bounced. No more Campaigns can be send to Bounced subscriber.

It might happen, that the issue that causes the hard bounce has been fixed and you would like to send new Campaigns to this address. In this case you can change the Status of the subscriber in their Detail page.

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