Not sure if your data was imported correctly? Simply check out your import history.

Start in the Subscribers section...

... and continue in the History of imports.

Now you see the Import history page. The most important info here is the Status, which describes the progress and the result of the whole import.

To see details of the import, click on the three dots next to it (1) and then on the Details button (2) which just appeared.

Now you can see the Import detail page with a list of all import actions. Import actions are for example creation of a subscriber, update of a subscriber, adding subscriber to a list and many more. The import actions on this page are described by the following (from left to right):

  • Message (event description),
  • Row number on which the particular subscriber was present in the imported file,
  • Email address of the subscriber
  • Status of the event.

The Status of the action (1) gains three possible values

  • Info: This is just to inform you that the action has been processed and finished correctly.
  • Warning: To let you know you're importing a contact who already unsubscribed from your database or has been already hard-bounced.
  • Error: To let you know that the action has not been finished correctly. Most times there's just a problem with the format of the field.

Above the list in the upper right-hand corner you can see a brief summary of the import (1). If there is any error you can check the error row by clicking on Download logs.

You can search (2) and filter (3) the import events as well.

When you are done with the import history, just go back to the Subscriber page by clicking on Go back in the upper left-hand corner.

If possible check the log of every import, you will know about any issue with subscribers immediately.

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