The application has several pre-defined fields, which reveal some of your subscribers' characteristics – like their first name, last name, email, birthday, anniversary or company. 

Want to keep track of other things? Create your own custom fields and collect deeper info on your subscribers – like their favorite brands or the size of their clothes.

Start in the Subscribers section.

Before you add new information to the subscribers, you have to first create the Custom field itself in which the new information will be stored. To do so, click on the Custom fields button in the upper right-hand corner.

The Custom field page is empty at the moment, but it will list all the Custom fields that were added in your company profile.

Click on the New custom field button in the upper right-hand corner.

Now you can set the Custom field:

  • identifier of the field (1) - the Field code - only lowercase letters, numbers and underscore is allowed; the Field code is then used in the merge tags,
  • the Field title of the field (2),
  • Type of the field (3) - available types are: integer, decimal, date, time, datetime, string, text, select, list,
  • specifications (4) of the chosen field type - based on the type chosen in (3) additional specifications are needed. Which fields are necessary is specified in the article Custom field types.

Confirm your setting by clicking on Create custom field.

You are redirected to the Custom fields page, where you can see your new Custom field.

To edit the custom fields, copy it or remove it, click on the three dots next to it (1) and use the option bar (2).

Now you can edit your subscribers to fill in this field.

Filling the Custom field

Go back to the Subscriber section and click on one of yours subscribers. In his profile find the Custom field tab (1). Here you can see and edit all the subscribers Custom fields (2). You can add new Custom fields here as well (3).

This way you can edit Custom fields of only one subscriber at a time. To fill in Custom field of more subscribers at once do the update by import.

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