To create a new Segment just go to the Lists & segments section in the menu bar (to see some basic information about Lists and Segments click here).

You are redirected to the List management page, so first just switch to  to Segments management page in the upper bar (1). 

To create new Segment just click on New folder button (2). You can search and filter your Segments as well (3). To edit a Segment click on the three dots on the right side (4).

Now set up the Segment itself:

  • give it a name (1)
  • and filter your subscribers according to their First name, Last name, Email and the date of their import (2) or use additional filters (3).

Among the additional filters, you will find

  • custom-field filters,
  • and behavioral filters (campaign-related filters).

Click on one field and the layout will change. Set it up according to your needs:

  • what field (1),
  • operator (2)
  • and the value you are looking for (3).

Further more, you can

  • add intersecting filters (4) to distill the needed audience - results will comply with all filters - or
  • broaden the audience by adding complementary filters (5) - results will comply with at least one filter.

All added filters can be removed by the minus button (6).

If you are happy with your segment, just click on Save and you will be redirected to the Segment management page, where you can see your new segment.

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